For 4 generations we have been producing at our factories, products and semifinished for gelato, pastry shops, confectionery industries, yogurt shops and HORECA!


HISTORY goes back to 1911 in a small laboratory, where for years, the sorting of hazelnuts and dried fruit was carried out by one of the ancestors. Little by little, the company, always led by the Nappi family, started diversifying the production, introducing, during the year 50/60, the fresh fruit and cherries processing for the candied fruit preparation.

In the early ‘80s a big change takes place: the production of products and semifinished for gelato shops, which now represents the core business. Year after year new references are being produced, developing a larger range of products, up to the thousands now available !

Nappi, with multiple production lines and with tailor made products is able to satisfy all customer needs and is proud to be listed within the leaders of products and semifinished producers. Moreover we are globally recognized as one of best partners for the most known gelato and pastry shops. Our products are now available in more than 87 world countries.

The company, in the course of the years, has enjoyed the collaboration of professional experts, i.e. pastry chefs, gelato chefs and the like, creating a real Gelato School, supported by the largest producers of the machineries needed for gelato and pastry shops.


With 3 production sites and a total of over 70,000sqm of which 38,000sqm covered, Nappi is constantly growing to meet an increasing market demand. Plants are modern and up-to-date, with energy needs supplied by means of solar panels for a total capacity of 600 kW, plus cogeneration plants that, that with the use of nut shells and cherry pits, produce clean energy reducing the CO2 emissions. Nappi, joins the 100% green project, generating 200 electrical kW and 300 thermal kW for warm water used in the production process.

Thermal generators, fed with methane and biomass, complete the supply of energy needed by the structure. All this keeping in mind a concept of eco-sustainable economy respecting nature and our planet.

One of our productive plants



The quality of the products is monitored, in a timely manner, by means of internal labs, headed by a highly trained staff.

Nappi has always worked with the aim of supplying high quality products, reaching, year after year, higher production standards. This has been primary concerns, which the company tries to accomplish by using, inside its labs, state of the art technologies and the highest control systems. Shared goal is to continue with such researches, always looking for improvements that help to face the complexity of the world market demand where the company operates

Our certifications

The efforts and commitment put to realize an always higher quality, and the goals that during the years were met by means of the most advanced technologies used in the production lines, as well as control systems, have allowed to be awarded the following prestigious certifications.

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